Unruly data? Never mind!

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Graphics lie in many ways. Last week, German journal Wirtschaftswoche favored fudging with time scales. Three times in one issue alone. Indeed statistics are notoriously inaccurate. Often incomplete. Forecasts even more. Never mind, says Wirtschaftswoche. Use wide bars and irregular time scales. Readers might be dumb enough not to notice. Some dogs might not.

Source: Wirtschaftwoche, issue 27/2008 of 2008–06–30, p. 60

Redesign: me

Source: Wirtschaftwoche, issue 27/2008 of 2008–06–30, p. 7 6

Redesign: me

Source: Wirtschaftwoche, issue 27/2008 of 2008–06–30, p. 85

Redesign: me

Truckers and fashionistas both like … white!

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Thanks Emil! Not too bad a graphic. Color is used as an attribute of the object in question. Better done than this one.

Preferred varnish colors in the US

Varnish reflects. Steel sheets are bended. Unnecessary. White for “overall” is not the same as for “luxury”.

I don’t like the sorting. Descending per class. You see what is important per class. But I am more interested in differences between classes. Compare the overall statistics to the different segments.

White is trendy. How does it establish itself? I put it first in my version. And I only sort once. For overall. Sorting is constant for all classes.

But one might argue about that.

Varnish variants

Spring fever

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Yesterday was perfect. He stumbled over Maeda’s lifecounter. Ten minutes later we left the office – and spent the rest of the day in the woods. (Thanks, John!)

Lifecountdown for BIS

Today is different. I heard him gnarl, “Damned statistics!”. Then he sat down at his desk. And hasn’t moved since. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow…