Listen to the pattern II

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Johannes Kreidler gives time series a sound. I did that two years ago. In fact, I copied it from him*.

I guess Johannes wants to make fun of the crisis. Businesses take this very seriously. Your human ear is a lot faster than your eye. The eyes see what the ears have already heard. Such as a ranking with one high, some middle and a lot of small values. A very characteristic sound pattern. Possibly irritating. But that is good. You think about it.

This is the sound of some of the data from his video without fun:

Lehman Brothers

General Motors


My old sparklines with new data:

Click on the speaker symbol to hear the crisis.

* Source: Bissantz, Nicolas: Innovative Produkte: DeltaMiner. In: WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK 43 (2001) 1, pp. 77–80.