Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Once more didactic. Again the graphic from the newspaper Handelsblatt:

Source: Handelsblatt, 2009–04–30, No. 83, p. 1, original copy this time.
Trucks (Straßengüterverkehr), trains (Eisenbahnen), ships (Binnenschifffahrt).

You think: Truck is faster growing than train. Train is only growing little. Ships hardly at all. But that’s not true. You can’t compare developments for values on different levels. Logarithmical helps.

Now you see: Rail is growing faster than truck. 70 percent to 56 percent. Ship even dropped in between. All in all it grew 3 percent.

Logarithmic doesn’t always work. But more often.

Collapsteral damage

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Tax revenues collapse. Tells us the Handelsblatt. He thinks, 9 percent minus and collapse don’t go together. I read the article, too. And nearly collapsed: Perceptive priority not understood. Once again: With columns you interpret differences in length as differences in value. Therefore: Chopping prohibited. Or: Use lines instead of columns.

The Handelsblatt didn’t. See left. But they should. See right.

Beyond the zenith - German tax revenues in billion Euro. Source: Handelsblatt no. 131, July 13th 2009, p. 3.
“Beyond the zenith”: German tax revenues in billion Euro. Source: Handelsblatt no. 131, July 13th 2009, p. 3. Redesign: me. – The Handelsblatt is a major German economy newspaper.

Now I became a little skeptical and checked the reference (PDF). There are two more estimates. Hm.

Chart from Handelsblatt no. 131, July 13th 2009, p. 3, enriched with estimates for 2012 and 2013
Source: me.