Numbers’ craze for youth?

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Oh, ZEIT. I didn´t mean that. My scribbled design was born out of necessity. Yours is intentional.

The Drama of apprenticeship: The amount of apprenticeship training positions diminishes; Variance to the previous year. - Source: Die ZEIT 19/2009 from 2009/04/30 The billion gap: Health and care insurance, retirement insurance, unemployment insurance. - Source: DIE ZEIT 20/2009 from 2009/05/07 Incentive for Confidence: In your opinion, which European country has got the best requirements to get out of the financial crisis? - Source: DIE ZEIT 25/2009 from 2009/06/10

Scribbling threefold from Die ZEIT. Not supposed to take it seriously?
Source: DIE ZEIT No. 19 from 2009–04–30, No. 20 from 2009–05–07, No. 25 from 2009–06–10.

Funny: We use a computer to make it look handmade. Even the handwriting is a computer font.

Handwriting and painting signal: Love letter. Poetry album. Children’s book. First-grader. Shopping list. Draft. Sketch. Holiday greetings. Note. So rather: Temporary. Hasty. Unfinished. Casual. Raw. Imprecise. Maybe faulty. Unchecked. Unique. Spontaneous. And young.

All want young. I don’t care. Data neither.