Monday, February 15th, 2010

Perspective is: You want to show space. On paper. That is 2D. But it should look like space. Many use 3D. Perspective also is: How large something appears when it is a certain distance away. And vice versa. Works great.

Big bailout: The U.S. has spent about $121 billion so far to support AIG. - Source: Wall Street Journal Europe, 2009-12-28, p. 14.
Source: Wall Street Journal Europe, 2009–12–28, p. 14.

Look at the skyscrapers. Work great, too. Manhattan? Funny: The Skyscrapers are not in the same street. Where are they? That’s confusing. Is the fourth half the size of the second one? Could be. 17 and 34. Somehow looks different. Because of the perspective. We should compare the lengths of the edges. One edge is enough for that. Here we have eight too much.

Besides, it looks like a timeline. But isn’t one.