Waste of place

The German magazine “Focus” has counted: How many small children live in cities. How many kindergarten places are there. How many children do need a kindergarten place. How many do not have one. Or how many would have one.

52 deutsche St├Ądte im Kita-Check. Quelle: Focus 23/2013, Seite 33.
Source: Focus 23/2013, page 33, and focus.de.

I like a graphical table. But not like that. Too much zebra. Too much colour. Too much jumping for your eyes: look to the right, remember the length of the red, look to the left, subtract green from red, remember it, go to the next row, start from the beginning, remember it and compare it. Too difficult? I think so too.

This is better: places minus children, divided by children.

Redesign: me.
Redesign: me.