It’s hard to print my lovely coat. Because it’s black. And printing black is hard. I learnt that from my book. That was printed by someone who can do black well. Because he normally prints X-rays. They’re also pretty black.

Someone else printed my ad recently. Unfortunately. And we forgot the proof. Unfortunately.

IN GRAPHICS Vol. 3, Berlin 2011, front cover.IN GRAPHICS Vol. 3, Berlin 2011, back cover.

As a result, the ad was “drowned”. That’s what printers say. When it’s too late.
Maybe it was the Titanic’s fault. That was on the front.

The Wall Street Journal doesn’t have a black coat. Even so, they’re printing on black more and more. Unfortunately. And drowning, like a lot of the people who were on the Titanic. Unfortunately.

Source: Wall Street Journal Europe, 2012-02-24, page 1.
Source: Wall Street Journal Europe, 2012–02–24, page 1.

Take note: Print on white if your coat’s not black.