Piggyback jumping

Last time but two: Crushed bars and jumping columns. Next to last time: decrushed bars. This time: columns that don’t jump anymore. Data from 2004 until 2013: Money for software companies, that are just starting their business. From companies with money.

Time rows, scaled logarithmically.
Redesign: me. Data from jumping columns, last time but two, scaled logarithmically.

The Angels don’t give that much money. But increasingly more. 2013 ten times more than 2004. The other two give sometimes more and sometimes less. You can look at it for a long time. And think about it.

Here is how “The Economist” draws it:

Hard sell: Capital invested in startup IT companies. Source: The Economist, Special Report „Tech Startups“, 2014-01-18, page 5.
Source: Next to last time. “The Economist”, Special Report „Tech Startups“, 2014–01–18, page 5.

Again, you can look at it for a long time. And think about it. But it won’t do any good. Because of the jumping columns. If the yellow columns jump, the brown columns jump as well. Whether they really jump or not. Though you can’t see, whether they really jump.