One of my intentions for 2014: I’ll stay dog-matic. Because… data are cruel. Have a look.

Startup your engines: Total follow-on funding for alumni from top accelerators. Source: The Economist, Special Report „Tech Startups“, 2014-01-18, page 5.
Source: “The Economist”, Special Report “Tech Startups”, 2014–01–18, page 5.

Two values were too big. The bars too long. The page too small. Snip! Snap! The two crushed bars add up to 2 billion. The other eight up to 300 million. Isn’t it bold how the Economist shrinks Y Combinator. And TechStars are shrunk-stretched: Too big for Y Combinator, too small for AngelPad.

Hard sell: Capital invested in startup IT companies. Quelle: The Economist, Special Report
Source: also there, page 3.

Two pages ahead: Jumping columns. Here, I would like to have snip snap. When the Early-stagers jump, the Later-stagers jump as well. Even if they are the epitome of calmness.

Could have been better shown in a dog-matic way: With point bars and lines. Both logarithmically. I’ll draw that again. And will show it to you. Look forward to it!