Sometimes we´ve got little data. Which can be counted with just four paws. It´s good to show that. As in the Wall Street Journal. 52 economists were ask where they expect the next bubble to emerge in financial markets. Every opinion is one cube. He also liked it.

Emerging risk – Responses to the survey question: Please rank the potential asset bubbles from most likely to least likely. - Source: Wall Street Journal, 2009-11-13, p. 9.
Source: Wall Street Journal, 2009–11–13, page 9.

It is bad, when things get dashed, where there´s nothing to count. As here.

Crisis Management. - Source: Handelsblatt, No. 240, 2009-12-11, p. 17.
Source: Handelsblatt, No. 240, 2009–12–11, p. 17.